Questions to Ask About 360 Virtual Tour Photography.

1What is an interactive 360 Interactive panorama?

Virtual Reality Photography is the interactive cousin of panoramic photography. 360VR images are delivered and viewed electroncally over the Internet and will give the visitor or your customer a greater sense of being actually there. 360 interactive panorama images virtually convey much more information about the subject or event in context to everything else around it. The experience can also be enhanced greatly with sound bites from the event.

Spherical 360VR images records the full spherical environment: 180 degrees up and down and 360 degrees around. Apple Computer who originally delivered the technology called Quicktime VR also calls them Cubic VR's. This is our specialization at 360VR Studio and we are visually trained and equipped to do it exceptionally well in all kinds of shooting environments. Cylindrical 360VR panoramas are limited view panoramas and do not need the requirements to see fully above and below. These panoramas are typically imaged with a field of View (fov) of 100 x 360 degrees or less. These are taken for subjects that are best suited for limited views like city sky lines and group photos. Cylindrical panoramas are also used for print presentations.

2How to view a panorama ?

Using Mouse : While clicking and dragging mouse left to right panorama will be panned horizontally. Similarly to achieve vertical pan you can drag mouse top to down.

Using Keyboard: using arrow keys panorama can be panned horizontally and vertically. You can zoom-in panorama by pressing SHIFT key and for zoom-out CONTROL key is used.

3What makes the 360 interactive panorama unique over video clippings ?

What makes the 360 interactive panorama unique over video clippings ?

4What I require to see panorama in my browser?

Since the panorama output is in flash your browser should be equipped with flashplayer and a broad band internet connection with 256kbps or more. Your computer should have installed audio drivers and speakers to hear the audio embedded to the panorama.

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